• Grow Me

    Luvmud is a heart-shaped, seed-filled gift. Luvmud is made from worm poop, cow manure, dirt, clay, coconut fiber, seeds, and love. Messages are written in cookie icing. On your windowsill or in your garden, with a little water and sunshine your Luvmud will grow! Luvmud is custom made in small batches so supplies are limited. Check [...]
  • Making it

    New York City kitchen scraps digested by worms help make Luvmud rich in nutrients. Vermicomposting is fun and easy. You can make your own worm compost in a bin under your kitchen sink. The smart folks at the Lower East Side Ecological Center host workshops, and also sell worm condos and live worms. They have a [...]
  • Political Dirt

    Political Dirt… the good kind! Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and New York State Senator Velmanette Montgomery are loving Luvmud!
  • Watch Luvmud Sprout Video

    Watch Luvmud sprout in this 15 second time-lapse video by Rich, here: Luvmud Growin It’s super-fun! Thanks, Rich.
  • Tracking Mud

    Did you get your Luvmud? If you did…  We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience in giving or getting Luvmud. Tell us your story! And send us photos of your Luvmud as it grows! email us or visit our Flickr group